Wholesale distributors

Wholesale distributors are companies that purchase goods in bulk from manufacturers or other suppliers and then sell those goods to retailers, other distributors, or directly to consumers. Wholesale distributors typically operate on a large scale and may sell a wide range of products across multiple industries.

Some common types of wholesale distributors include:

  1. General merchandise distributors: General merchandise distributors sell a variety of products across different categories, such as electronics, household goods, and clothing.
  2. Specialty distributors: Specialty distributors focus on a particular product category or industry, such as food and beverage, automotive, or medical supplies.
  3. Regional distributors: Regional distributors operate within a specific geographic area, such as a state or region of the country.

Wholesale distributors can be an important link in the supply chain, helping to connect manufacturers with retailers and other customers. They may offer a range of services, such as logistics and shipping, inventory management, and marketing support, to help their customers succeed. By purchasing products in bulk, wholesale distributors can often offer lower prices than retailers or consumers would be able to get by purchasing directly from the manufacturer.


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