Building A Bomb Shelter

In 1960s, the nuclear attack threat was pretty much there. In lots of locations, officials come up with courthouse basement and subway tunnels to serve as public bomb shelters that have an ability to give protection to people.

At this moment of time, it may seem a waste of time but there are few individuals who love a safety place, more so in the case of bad weather. If you fall in this category, develop a bomb shelter or disaster shelters. Make sure that you equipped it with food and water.

To build a bomb shelter, first thing that you need to do is to draw everything out before you select a shovel or buy a single block. You need to find an excellent place for your shelter. It is your decision whether you want your bomb shelter to be a separate structure or a basement extension.

In case, if you are interested in a separate structure, you need to excavate a hole in order to develop your bomb shelter. Next comes the construction part. There is a strong possibility that you would like the idea of concrete blocks. For underground structure waterproof, it is recommended that you dig trenches on all portions that are one foot wide and one foot deep, consisting of perforated pipe and gravel.

It is your responsibility to enhance the trenches few distances away from your shelter. Another thing that you need to do is to implement waterproofing paint on the structure. In addition, also go for plastic sheeting installation. After that, reinforce your roof so that it can handle the dirt weight that is there in the top layer.

At this stage, employ horizontal and vertical steel beams in order to give your roof a much-needed support. In some cases, it is advisable that you lay two layers of one-inch plywood for the support of roof. Put a solid concrete layer inducted with plastic sheeting. You also have a choice of putting a tin roofing material layer over the blocks.

If experts are to be believed, a big, air-tight door is quite pivotal when it comes to your shelter project success. The best possible solution in this regard would be a door installed in metal framing. It is worthwhile mentioning that you will require a consistent fresh air supply. You can develop a ventilation system with the help of materials that are being used in a conventional HVAC system, such as the filters. Last but not the least; a fresh drinking water supply is mandatory if you want to survive underground for over five hours.

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