What are the 3 most important things for on-page SEO?

It’s difficult to identify only three things as the most important for on-page SEO as there are multiple factors that contribute to on-page optimization. However, if we had to narrow it down, the following three things are crucial for on-page SEO:

  1. Content: High-quality and relevant content that provides value to the reader is essential for on-page SEO. The content should include relevant keywords and provide answers to user search queries.
  2. Title tags: A page’s title tag is an essential on-page SEO element as it helps search engines understand what the page is about. It’s important to create unique and descriptive title tags that accurately describe the content on the page and include the target keyword.
  3. Meta descriptions: While meta descriptions don’t directly affect search engine rankings, they do impact click-through rates. A well-crafted meta description can increase the likelihood of a user clicking on a search result and visiting the page. A good meta description should be descriptive, compelling, and include the target keyword.


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